About Center for Vision & Learning

The Center for Vision & Learning is the only practice in southwest Florida solely devoted to developmental optometry and optometric vision therapy. We are dedicated to helping our patients attain improved vision skills that empower them to lead more productive lives. We specialize in treating neuro-developmental and rehabilitative vision deficiencies through doctor-supervised, office-based optometric vision therapy. These are individualized, in-office vision therapy programs. Our therapy program integrates vision with movement, balance, auditory processing, and cognition. We help our patients achieve their goals to experience academic success, athletic achievements, workplace productivity, and improved quality of life.

About Us

The Center for Vision & Learning was founded by Matthew Walsh, O.D., FCOVD, who grew up in southwest Florida. His passion for neuro-developmental and rehabilitative optometric vision therapy began early in his optometric education. He returned to serve the children and adults of southwest Florida who seek the benefits of optometric vision therapy.