Poor Eye Tracking Skills

Poor Eye Tracking Skills

Here is an objective measurement of eye tracking while reading using infrared goggles. The reader on the left has a learning-related vision problem associated with poor quality of eye tracking. The reader on the right has the visual skills necessary for efficient reading.

Eye tracking is the ability to shift the eyes from one point to another while maintaining attention on the object we are looking at; it is essential for important life skills, such as reading, driving a car, and excelling in sports.

The control of eye movements requires the highest level of motor precision in the human body. Activities like reading and sports necessitate the brain to deliver a very high degree of coordination and accuracy of the eye muscles and muscle groups between the two eyes. At the Center for Vision & Learning, we provide thorough evaluation of eye tracking abilities to find Ocular Motor Dysfunctions. After treatment, our patients experience improved handwriting abilities, reading with greater comfort and efficiency, and more confidence to conquer everyday challenges without the frustration of poor eye tracking skills.

Poor eye-tracking abilities can cause numerous problems while reading including:

  • Loss of place

  • Skipping lines or omitting words

  • Using a finger or marker to keep one’s place

  • Excessive head movement

  • Substituting one word with another

  • Careless errors or difficulty proofreading

  • Poor reading comprehension

  • Problems with attention

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