Convergence Insufficiency & Eye Teaming Problems

Convergence Insufficiency and Binocular (two-eyed) Vision Disorders

Some individuals do not develop normal coordination and teamwork of the two eyes (binocular vision). When the two eyes fail to work together as an effective team, performance in many areas may suffer (e.g. reading, sports, depth perception). In these instances, an optometric vision therapy program will improve visual function.

The Alarming Frequency of Binocular Vision Disorders – an editorial by Dominick Maino, O.D., M.Ed., FAAO, FCOVD-A discussing the prevalence of binocular vision disorders.

Convergence insufficiency is the most common type of binocular vision disorder. Recent scientific research, funded by the National Eye Institute, involving collaboration between optometrists and ophthalmologists, found that weekly in-office optometric vision therapy was the best treatment option for Convergence Insufficiency. For the abstract of the research, click here.

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