Myopia Management

Myopia Management Evaluation

Myopia Management Evaluation

Myopia is the medical term for near-sightedness, which means clearer vision at near compared to far distances. Myopia is much more than “just” blurry far distance vision or the need for glasses to see clearer far away. Myopia is the condition where the length of the eye is excessively long. Myopia is a serious eye health condition because of the increased risk of associated eye diseases. People with myopia are at a higher risk of developing blinding eye conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, retinal detachment, and macular diseases. Research has shown a direct relationship between the amount of myopia and the risk of these serious eye diseases.

Myopia is developed. Rare at birth, myopia develops with time and increases in school-age children. Since myopia commonly progresses from lower amounts to higher amounts, it is beneficial to limit the progression of myopia which, in turn, will minimize the risk of eye disease as the child ages.

Our doctor at the Center for Vision & Learning is among the leaders in the field of myopia management. Most eye care professionals react to changes in myopia by telling parents how much their child’s vision has worsened and how much stronger their glasses need to be year after year. In contrast, our doctors take an active approach to myopia management by providing options to slow down the progression of childhood myopia and limits the risks of eye diseases.

To best protect your child’s health, we currently offer:

  • Orthokeratology

  • Atropine Therapy

  • Multi-Focal Soft Contact Lenses

​​​​​​​The Center for Vision & Learning is a vision care practice specializing in developmental optometry, optometric vision therapy, and myopia management. We proudly serve Naples, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and all of Southwest Florida – and beyond. Our doctors will analyze your child’s situation and tailor a personalized treatment to limit the progression of childhood myopia. If you would like to schedule a Myopia Management Evaluation for your child, please call (239) 682-0945 or click on the Request Appointment tab above.