Are you concerned that your child’s lens prescription is getting worse year after year? Is your child tired of wearing contact lenses or glasses every day? Would your child enjoy the freedom of having clear vision all day without corrective lenses or eye surgery? If so, Ortho-K may be a great option for your child.

Controlling Nearsightedness

Due to genetics and the near work stresses of 21st Century (reading, tablets, computers, etc.), children’s nearsightedness (myopia) tends to be progressive. Myopia can affect performance in schoolwork, athletics, and recreational activities. Of all the options that have been studied in controlled clinical trials, Ortho-K has shown to be very effective in halting myopia progression through controlled clinical studies. This significantly reduces the risk of future eye diseases.

How Ortho-K Works

In some ways, Ortho-K is similar to the use of dental braces by an orthodontist to straighten a patient’s teeth. After your teeth have been straightened, a mold or retainer is fit to keep the teeth in their newly formed shape.

Ortho-K is a non-surgical procedure using specially designed molds to reshape the cornea to reduce or correct nearsightedness and astigmatism. These molds are applied every night before bed. The effect of reshaping the cornea happens during sleep, allowing clear vision all day long with no corrective lenses!

The change in corneal shape is temporary and safe. The effect lasts for about a day or two, which is why the Ortho-K molds should be worn every night to maintain the effect.
FDA-approved, Non-invasive Alternative to Refractive Surgery

Ortho-K offers similar results to refractive surgery (LASIK, RK, PRK, etc.), but it is non-surgical, reversible, comfortable, FDA-approved as a safe procedure, and available to children.

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