Visual Information Processing Evaluations

Visual Information Processing Evaluations

Visual Information Processing Evaluations

The Visual Information Processing (VIP) evaluation is comprised of a series of tests that are designed to identify strengths or weaknesses in the following areas:

  • Auditory-Visual Integration

  • Visual Analysis

  • Visual Memory

  • Visual-Motor Integration

  • Visual Spatial Directional Concepts

Additionally, we provide a developmental series of tests, known as the Wachs Analysis of Cognitive Structures, to evaluate fundamental cognitive processing necessary to develop higher-level academic functions. This can also be performed on toddlers or children with special needs.

The time required for the VIP testing is usually 2 hours and requires a separate appointment. Upon completion of this testing, scores will be tabulated and a written report will be generated. Recommendations will be included as to whether optometric vision therapy might be helpful or if referral to another professional (e.g. tutor, psychologist) is appropriate.

​​​​​​​When a parent suspects a visual information processing problem a thorough evaluation is recommended. We typically evaluate visual spatial, visual analysis, and visual motor skills. VIP testing usually takes two hours and will require a separate appointment. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.